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Coming Soon: Bad Day in Bedlam, a Bronze Age superhero adventure for Savage Worlds

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  • Coming Soon: Bad Day in Bedlam, a Bronze Age superhero adventure for Savage Worlds

    A Bad Day in Bedlam is About to Dawn!

    That's right, we've nearly finished Bad Day in Bedlam, the newest Bedlam City adventure for Savage Worlds. It's going to be a whopper. 210 pages, more than a dozen battle maps, thirteen despicable supervillains, more than fifty supporting npcs –It will keep your players punching out bad guys for months.

    The story is set up so that the PCs can follow multiple paths, skipping some scenes or encountering special optional scenes, depending on what they decide to do. There's a customizable ending that you can adapt to whatever the PCs did or didn't accomplish.

    After years of sweat and toil, we expect it to at last be ready to launch at Drivethrurpg this upcoming Tuesday (July the 9th). And at the low-low introductory price of... five bucks! No, really. For the first week or so we'll be giving this giant megalo-adventure away for just $4.95

    A print edition will follow shortly. It won't cost five bucks, I'm afraid. (Let me see, 210 full-color pages, so the production costs would come in at... yeouch!) But we'll make it as affordable as we can.

    So get ready to tear off the Plain Brown Wrapper and get your paws on the worst day in Bedlam that anyone could ever want. And maybe just a little worse than that...

    Previews to follow!
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    A Preview: What's this adventure about, anyway?

    It's winter in Bedlam. Dirty snow lies in heaps on every streetcorner, toasted black with exhaust fumes. The whole city has been buried by the worst snowstorm in years and none of the poor neighborhoods have gotten plowed. The slums are on the brink of rioting and things are about to get worse. For a series of vicious crimes is about to shake the city to its core. And the cover-up is going to set the frozen streets on fire. And twelve rampaging supervillains are threatening to give Bedlam City a two-fisted Christmas (and a violent new year?) Are all these things somehow connected? Can the Player Characters solve this terrible mystery and foil the plot behind it before the city plunges into mayhem and disaster? It's going to be a bad day in Bedlam unless they do.
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      Interesting, though the term bronze age threw me. It made me think of pre iron age technology


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        Good Point! To make sure it doesn't throw anyone else, perhaps a little clarification is in order.

        Ah, the Bronze Age of comics! That wonderful, horrible period between 1970 or so and 1978 or so. When racism, poverty and injustice could be solved with a bash in the chops! When Green Lantern and Green Arrow wandered America, doing exactly that! And so did Captain America!

        Bad Day in Bedlam isn't set in the Seventies, but it is firmly in the spirit of those violently well-meaning comics from the days of yore. It takes an unflinching look at racism, political corruption and their effects on ordinary people. And it lets your players fix them with their fists!

        Even better, it has no less than eleven knock-down, drag-out superbattles, enough to slake your players' bloodthirst for months! As well as a secret lair unlike any you've seen before (or wanted to)! Plus trash-littered alleys, tormented angst, moral gray zones and at least two vigilantes who dress in black and brood on rooftops in the dark!

        Are you ready to sock social injustice in the jaw with your boxing glove arrow?

        Here's another preview.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Ubersoldaten answers the phone in color.jpg Views:	0 Size:	124.3 KB ID:	24721
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          Hmm... is this meant as a light-hearted parody?

          I'm wondering then if I should release my Un-PC SPC document to act as an unaffiliated supplement. It takes an unbridled look at the modern socio-political climate and makes fun of everyone. No opinion was spared ridicule, not even my own. The supers are all over-the-top, two-dimensional caricatures meant for comedic purposes, not overt political commentary. Still, it probably skirts the line a bit too close.


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            Mmm... think brutal, but with quite a bit of brutal humor. Pretty much exactly the same grim/grimly-funny tone as all the other Bedlam City books. Or Mills and O'Neil's old Marshal Law comic book. The author has read way too much Judge Dredd and way, way too much SLA Industries.

            As for whether or not your piece would land like a toxic scandal-bomb in the RPG community, that I have to leave to wiser heads than mine. I myself love it when people yell "fire" in a crowded theater, but I know it's not everyone's cup of filth.

            Want another preview, everyone? No? Well too bad.

            Meet Obediah Brick, Bedlam City's most beloved (and feared) TV anchorman! Here we see him in conference with his new boss...

            Click image for larger version

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              Editing a comment
              It was a very fun exercise in building Superpowered characters, but there is definitely a reason I haven't made it public. Pinnacle has clear rules on using their product for political commentary, and while I tried to be as ludicrous and obvious as possible, I'm afraid Poe's Law would prevail.

              BTW, lovin' the previews!

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            And to start the new week off right, here's another preview!

            This one is a charming domestic scene in the villains' secret lair.

            Click image for larger version

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              It's done! It's ready for sale!

              Here it is!