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Has anyone run Beasts and Barbarians under SWADE?

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  • Has anyone run Beasts and Barbarians under SWADE?

    If so , what was adjustments did you do , regarding edges,gear and arcane Backgrounds ?
    I am not the strongest GM , when it comes to balancing and could realy need some help with that.
    Did you for example alter edges that rely on Charisma, or did you Ban them all Together? Did you adjust powerpoints of the Backgrounds? Did you allow new Spells? Did you keep throwing as a separate skill,since the are pretty common, in the iron age? And so on....

    Thx in advance.

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    We will make a free update pdf with changes.


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      That would be amazing :-D
      And where will it be found for download?
      Will only steel edition be updatet or also the edges /gear/mechanics from the gold edition sourcebooks?
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        When do you think the conversion will be released PiotrKorys?


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          Felix 987653 - Steel only.

          Akondo98 - hard to say. We have a lot of work and now it is holiday season.


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            I converted my B&B Steel Edition game to SWADE around January. One minor challenge I've had is around Charisma being removed as a stat. For the most part, this is easily worked around by adding an equivalent bonus or penalty to relevant Persuasion and Networking rolls.

            As a prerequisite, I'm basically ignoring Charisma and relying on an applicable character concept or whether the character has a bonus to networking and/or persuasion as noted above.

            Otherwise, beyond some fudging around various skills being collapsed into Athletics, I haven't run into any real issues.


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              Great to her , that you could actually run it with minor adjustments :-)
              Few questions , if you allow.

              Did you find some of the B&B edges obsolete and better covered by their swade counterparts?
              How did you handle gear / edges , that required or allowed Tests (Lhoban singing Staff for example)?
              Did you restrict some of the New SWADE powers / edges for B&B?