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My Unofficial Hellfrost SWADE conversion

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  • My Unofficial Hellfrost SWADE conversion

    In case this is useful to others wanting to play Hellfrost with SWADE rules, Wiggy gave me permission to share my conversion document and converted spell list.

    The guide is in one document and the Spells list with Power Points, new Ranges, and Durations are in another.

    Note that the Power Point costs for specific Religions should be adjusted where there are limits, such as Boost/Lower Trait affecting only one or two traits as per page 150 of the SWADE core rules.

    SWADE: Hellfrost Conversion Guide
    SWADE: Hellfrost Spells using Power Points

    Let me know what you think or how it works for your group. We've only had one session using these rules, but everyone in the party is a spellcaster, so there were lots cast.
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    Overall I am liking what I see! Great job.

    I have two thoughts on the Magic to make it a bit more Hellfrost yet keep all the fun SWADE.

    1) Spells can be cast Contingent. Basically using the SWADE Zombie Power as a model, I like the idea the caster can invest power points and keep a spell going. What I settled on to start is that its really a contingent spell. You cast it (say Boost Trait) and those power points do not regenerate until the spell is triggered. Once triggered, it runs as normal (5 rounds, can be extended,PPs can be recovered). I would be liberal with this - they go off when the player wants them to go off (a free action trigger) so it kinda acts like its already cast and maintained. The spell has to be a normal duration-type spell. I am thinking there is a limit of 1 spell per character rank that can be set up this way.

    2) Add the Rituals from ETU (which are variants off the Horror Companion). If you want to Fly all day, then you need to cast it as a ritual. If you want Deflection up all day without multiple castings due to multiple combats - its a ritual.

    I think this allows players similar feel in play as the old Hellfrost rules and also lets me do my "4 NPC casters buff the Big Bad Evil Guy and its lasts all day" - here it can last multiple days.

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