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  • Terrible News

    We have just learned that Hans Bothe, known to many of you as Enno, has sadly passed away. Many of you knew him for his encyclopedic knowledge of Hellfrost, his presence on the forums, and as one of our lead editors. We was also a strong voice in his native German gaming community. He was all those things, but far more than that he was a good friend, someone we were proud to know.

    This has hit us hard, as it has his family and friends. The next issue of TAG Talk will be dedicated to his memory. For now, though, I leave you with The Empty Chair (by Kenzer & Co.).

    The Empty Chair: Eulogy for a Gamer

    There is an empty chair,
    at the table this day.
    A hallowed place where,
    a friend once played.
    The roll of his dice,
    my ears long to hear.
    Or perhaps it would suffice,
    if he should suddenly appear.
    With character sheet in hand,
    and a bag of Cheeze-doodles to share.
    All his friends would stand,
    as he sat in the empty chair.
    I hear his voice a-callin’,
    and it ties my heart in a knot.
    For he cries, “Though a comrade has fallen,
    You must play for those who cannot.”
    We conquered worlds on the run,
    he and I in the name of fun.
    And as others may come and go,
    I make both both friend and foe.
    But what I long for most,
    is our past now long a ghost.

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    Im very sad to hear that. Prayers to his family and friends in these hard times.


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      He was a pleasure to discuss with. My life was better for his presence and lessened by his passing.
      ... I think that says a lot about him, that a stranger on the internet will miss him.

      Thank you for sharing, Wiggy.
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        Very sad to hear, but thank you for sharing the news with us. I will miss his Hellfrost Wisdom.

        My thoughts and prayers to family and friends.


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          My conversations with him were few.
          I only wish I knew him better.


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            That’s horrible. He will be missed.