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The After - A Frontier Western/Post-Apocalyptic Setting for SWADE

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    The After Kickstarter project is only £209 (~$266) and 9 backers away from getting the Gazetteer Stretch Goal and the Celebrity One-Sheets. Awesome Setting!!! So close with only 12 days to go... Let's do this!!!


    • Fraser
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      We are down to 4 More people and the Celebrity One Sheets happen,
      And 125 Pounds until the Gazetteer Stretch Goal
      With 11 Days to go .

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    So what about the "Gun For Hire" Pledge Level?

    I was the first on board with this Idea.... Its a Great chance to effect the Books in a Meaningful way.

    When you think about it the other options so far have been...
    Artwork for your own character...
    Build a Monster Class...

    But this is how you can create a person to interact with EVERYONE who plays the game.
    There was NO defining of what type of character it has to be.....
    An arch enemy,
    A traveling barterer,
    What about a love interest,

    Maybe a Monster Hunter.... however you want to leave your mark on the world you can..... and you can drop your Face on the character too! Great Idea guys!

    If you want to make an impact on a new game world.... these Pledge Levels are a way to do that.


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      As was mentioned before, we are 147Pounds away from our next stretch Goal...
      The Gazetteer expanding in a few areas... I though I would Re-Post what the Most Recent Update Was. All about.

      Hey Everyone
      So, we are edging closer to the first of our Stretch goals.
      The gazetteer expansion will allow us to add more artwork, location maps, NPC’s, and additional writing including adventure One-sheets to three locations within the Wind River region.
      Here’s where we need your help.
      We want our backers to select which locations within Wind River get the expanded treatment.
      Once we hit the stretch goal, the team will be sending you all a private message asking you to select three locations of choice.
      The following location descriptions will help you decide;
      1. The Verdant: This breach zone has become a lush and alien jungle. Bizarre plants and beasts roam beneath the colorful and strange canopy. Explorers often head in there, looking for exotic flora that possess unusual benefits.
      2. Blackgold Trading: A rough and tumble settlement and the place to trade for fuel. A good time can be bought here, just watch your back, life is cheap and everyone ends up paying the boss.
      3. Daniel: A small religious settlement built around the new church of Light, all are welcome, especially those who possess the Boon as they are perceived as being touched by God. If your Changed however, better cover up….
      4. The Trench: the shadow of a ghost orb ship hangs above this deep valley, it flickers between our world and beyond, leaching powerful dimensional energy that flow into the deep Chasm beneath it. A potent place rich in Ghost Power.
      5. Hanging Rocks: At the end of the mountain range is an incongruous cloud of greenery and stone. Great, mismatched islands of rock and crystals float untouched by gravity, forming an impenetrable forest a half-mile high and ten miles across. Gravity misbehaves and strange flying beasts roam the floating islands.
      6. The Tribe: Before the Harvest, this area was home to the Eastern Shoshone and Arapaho Native American tribes. When the Butchers assaulted America’s cities and towns, some of those tribes disappeared into the wilderness and survived by adopting the survival techniques of their ancestors. Now, a small community has risen in the area. Included among Tribe members are many Helots and other survivors of various heritages.
      7. The Ice Plain: This sprawling ice scape dominates the area formerly known as the town of LaBarge. The remnants of the town can still be made out under humps of ice and snow. The atmosphere here is laden with Breach energy formed by a churning dimensional hole. It’s arctic cold all year round, with precipitation seemingly at random. Strange creatures lurk within the area, believed to be from the alien ice world beyond the Breach.
      8. Sweetwater: The breadbasket of the Wind River region, Sweetwater claims a broad swath of land throughout the southern reach. As a community, they are strident, nearly militant, in regards to protecting the lands of “the Claim,” as they refer to it. Sweetwater is Led by rival ranching families.
      9. Highway Market: About fifty people have settled in Highway Market proper, which is packed tight and solid around a pre-Harvest diner, fortified with rebar and reclaimed bricks. This structure has become a proper trading post, a common stop on the route between Chapter and Sweetwater.
      10. The Wreck: Perched upon the flat plateau of Squaretop mountain lies the Wreck of a Butcher Ship. If you can brave the climb and avoid the strange gases that flow down the mountain, rich pickings could be found amongst the wreckage.
      11. White Pine: The settlement was established by the remainder of an Old World National Guard unit, and they still have serviceable weapons with which to defend their community. The pride of White Pines are their three armored vehicles, which are still serviceable. Overall they are good but excitable people who regularly send explorers into the nearby Verdant Breach Zone.
      12. The Rustyard: At the confluence of four rivers, this area was once a thriving town and industrial center. This made it a prime target of the Butchers, who mercilessly gutted the populace and infrastructure. Even worse, the area was further devastated when the Ghosts attacked the Butcher facilities that were processing the local resources and biomass. Now, what was once Old Riverton is a tangled mass of rubble, with the remnants of Old World buildings crumbling away a little more each winter. A dangerous but Prime salvage site.
      13. Shadow: This strange and eerie breach zone covers an entire Town in perpetual darkness. Light sources don’t work properly and sound is muffled. The town is strangely still intact but unworldly shadows haunt the darkness.
      14. The Blight: A massive Breach-altered area to the north of the Wind River Valley. The landscape is lush but blistered with oddly bright pastel patches, interspersed with areas where the landscape seems to have slipped and melted. Rocks have run like warm butter and trees flop in bizarre tangles. Animals gibber disturbingly and their limbs twist in eye-watering ways. The air is often hazy, making it easy to become disoriented.
      15. Fission factory: It’s said that the Butchers swarmed to Old Casper when the Harvest began. Some kind of Nuclear accident took place, The meltdown drew them as flies to a corpse. They basked in the radiation, seeming to benefit rather than be harmed. Every soul in Casper was devoured or put to work as a slave, as the Butchers began to excavate a site for a fortified industrial base. For decades, they used Old Casper as a spawning ground for their biomechanical armies, slaughtering the surrounding region with cruel precision. The remains of that Butcher facility still stand

      That was Posted By Jon Gibbons at the above provided Link.

      If you were looking for More info on this Project before Backing, I think we just got a lot of that info.


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        So we just hit 250 Backers and the Celebrity One Sheets

        42 Pounds away from the Gazetteer stretch goal!


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          We also reached the Gazetteer SG!


          • Fraser
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            Just finished posting that in the KS LoL. Great to see it all coming together.

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          If you don't get Push Notifications to your phone, or rarely check in on the Kickstarter.
          Jon Sent out the Questions on which three locations to expend on.
          It is going Via KS Messages for an official vote. So you might want to check in.


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            So we are now on the Push for the next stretch goal....

            Bestiary Expansion at the 6600 Pounds Funding Level.
            Additional Artwork will be added for the "Advesaries of Wind River" chapter.
            Each Creature will feature a Full Color Illustration. (Depicting the Foe in its Bloodthirsty Glory)

            Expanded artwork for our Critters to get the bigger View of what our World Creators Vision. Sounds Like a GREAT Idea to me.
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              Okay....could not resist anymore and did my first ever kickstarter backing.The concept is Frankly amazing and i will tun the little preview adventure, with my local Group, soon.Great work guys!
              Last edited by Felix 987653; 06-14-2019, 04:30 AM.


              • Mogge
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                Great @Felix!
                It is indeed a great setting and Im happy we have reached 250 backer SG and the first funding SG!

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              Originally posted by Felix 987653 View Post
              I will run the little preview adventure, with my local Group, soon.Great work guys!
              Let us know how it goes :-)


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                So just a 700 pounds away from the next Stretch Goal and 3 days to get there, The most recent update includes "Future Plans" for The After game setting...

                A Kickstarter for an Action Deck is in the works,

                Later Plans to expand the Gazetteer a little more to learn more about the world.

                "Tales From The After" an anthology novel to be released first quarter of 2020.
                But the really good news is that Fans will have a chance to get their stories added to the book (More info to be realased later)

                Loads of plans for the future here, in a budding new world.
                You can make your mark is many ways, just hop on that kickstarter to get involved.


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                  New art preview from The After. Just 600 pounds from next stretch goal - 3 days left!

                  Click image for larger version

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