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The After - A Frontier Western/Post-Apocalyptic Setting for SWADE

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  • The After - A Frontier Western/Post-Apocalyptic Setting for SWADE

    The After is a setting of savage frontier action (think The Revenant or Jeremiah Johnson) in a sci-fi post-apocalypse (think Annihilation or The Quiet Place). It is set in the northwestern reaches of a broken North American continent. You play survivors of the shatterred human race trying to rebuild their world after decades of alien predation.

    SWADE backers received the Quick Start in the second bundle sent to backers. You can also pick it up here.

    Art is by the talented Jon Gibbons - if you picked up Extreme Earth for Savage Worlds, you're familiar with his work. The Quick Start lots of samples of what you'll see in The After - and I've included a few samples with this post as well.

    We'll be kickstarting in April/May. Please watch this space and our facebook page for more details.

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    For those of us that own Hell On Earth: Reloaded, what "new hotness" will this setting provide?
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      That's a great question.

      First off -HOE is a great setting. I have fond memories of running a HOE/Werewolf mashup back in the 90s.

      The big differences are:

      1) this is a straight sci-fi post-apocalypse. Absolutely no magic or supernatural/horror elements. Mutated bandits? Sure. Marauding alien deserters? Sure. Witches, Shamans or spellcasters of any kind? No.
      2) our tone is heavily tilted more towards the hard-scrabble frontier end of the Wild West spectrum. More The Revenant or Jeremiah Johnson
      Scope - we are very deliberately focusing on a specific part of Wyoming as the center of the action.

      That's my quick-n-dirty answer. I'll try to get Sean Nokes (our author) or Jon Gibbons (the setting creator) to come into the thread to do a deeper dive.


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        Thanks for the question.

        As Mike has said, this is not a future Wild West setting. Sure, its got western influences, more so from the way that survivors of the Harvest (The initial Alien Invasion) have resurfaced and are making a new world, much like early settlers of America. The location is set in Wyoming within the Wind River region which even today is one of the least populated and isolated areas of America.

        The world has been changed dramatically, The Alien war between The Butchers and The Ghosts has altered the fabric of the world both in a physically destructive way (Cities and communities destroyed by War, people and creatures altered by mutation and experimentation) and on a dimensional level. (Pockets of strange, altered landscapes called Breach Zones have appeared that often defy our normal laws of physics).
        All making the Wind River region a great place for exploration and adventure for survivors.

        You still have your typical Post Apocolypic tropes such as Mutants, Raiders and the ongoing quest for supplies and materials, add to the mix lost or abandoned Alien artefacts, marooned Alien races (That can be played as PC's) and a healthy dose of psionic based abilities (Called the Boon)


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          This actually looks quite interesting in the Quick Start version, looking forward to seeing it fleshed out. The concept reminds me a little of Defiance.


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            Given the default location of your setting, will there be a fair amount of detail about The Tribe mentioned in the Quick-Start?


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              I'm looking at the Quick Start right now. The Tribe gets a brief (and I do mean "brief") mention. They will be covered in more depth (as will all the other factions) in the main book

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            Any info on a release time?
            I have way too much time but do not always edit myself properly. Please do not take offense.


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              Originally posted by Erolat View Post
              Any info on a release time?
              We're aiming for a late April, early May Kickstarter


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                Has anyone done a review of the Quick Start or would be interested in doing one?


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                  We have created a Facebook event for the launch of the Kickstarter. You can click "interested" or "going" on this to have a built-in reminder.

                  Below - you'll find more art previews

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	The Helot.jpg
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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	The-Arrival.jpg
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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Old Man Crow.jpg
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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Helot-Profile.jpg
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                    Great art! Great map! Love the feeling of this setting. Keeping my eyes on it.


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                      Here's the cover image from artist/setting creator Jon Gibbons

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	after_cover.jpg
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                        Another preview from The After.

                        During the Harvest, the Butchers dropped GenBombs on heavily populated areas, releasing waves of mutagenic nanites. In addition to wreaking havoc on the fauna of Earth, these hideous weapons of mass destruction were specially tailored to trigger human bodies to encase themselves in twitching cocoons made of their own flesh. The Butchers collected these helpless victims for twisted experiments. Whether this was to advance their biotechnological sciences or simply for their perverse pleasure will never be known. Most victims of the GenBombs died or became feral, maddened things. The few survivors found that their damaged DNA was passed to their descendants. The Butchers’ meddling resulted in strange bodily anomalies and the spontaneous, nanite-based generation of biomechanical implants. Now, among every community in the After, there remain at least a few who are Changed.
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	changed.jpg
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                          Another preview. This time - The Skav.

                          “Somewhere down in those warrens they’ve got a Council, they’ve got elders just like Chapter does. I know, they won’t admit it. Any skav would die first. But someone down underground is calling the shots, sayin’ how the skav will change next.

                          “Yeah, change. When they first came down from the sky, they looked more like bugs - big creepy eyes, a little bit of a carapace, and spindly legs that bent backward. Them dreadlocks used to be antennae. They’ve been mutating quick. The form changes a little with every generation, and theirs come faster than ours. I know it had to be done a-purpose so that we humans would like the skav better, would be less inclined to kill them the rest of the way off. That’s why they tinker for cheap, and trade fair, and why they’ve taught their children to mostly eat food we’re not interested in.

                          “I’m pretty sure they’re only pretending to have two genders to make us more comfortable with ‘em.”
                          -- Zachariah Cole
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	skav.jpg
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                            Update: Kickstarter is launching on 5/22