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    I'm looking for a fantasy setting with adventures / plot point campaigns for Savage Worlds. Shaintar seem to be interesting but I'm a little confused what is needed / where to start. They seem to have a website that is down at the moment, and I did not find too much info.

    I've seen that there are (at least) 4 books, and the last one (Shaintar: Thundering Skies) seems to be a plot point campaign. Are any of the other books needed to play this campaign? Is it based on the fantasy companion or is it not needed? Or am I better off reading all the books to understand the setting / story?

    Or do you know of a better (fairly standard) setting / campaign for Savage Worlds? What's important for me is to have a plot-point campaign like campaign, where I don't need to prepare too much to run a connected story.

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    Shaintar was a founding setting from Savage Mojo. They have been evolving the setting and it has become Suzerian. (Basic info can be found here: ) Effectively, Shaintar has become the fantasy part of the Suzerian setting. It is up to you if you want to check it out further but they also have a Discord channel ( ) where you can ask more direct questions.

    Having said all that there are several settings that have Plot Point Campaigns (often denoted as PPCs). The four that, imo, are the most "standard" would be 50 Fathoms, East Texas University, Necessary Evil, or Last Parsec. They all have some level of weird but in general not a ton. If you want something a bit more abnormal then Deadlands actually has several PPCs as do many of the other 3rd party settings.

    And, welcome to the forums.
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      No. This entire first paragraph is just wrong.

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      No, not 'just wrong' but I will admit I may have my time line mixed up. If you go to the Savage Mojo site ( ) you will see that they did do Shaintar and that is where they are supporting it now, sort of.

      They are also working on their Suzerian universe as an overarching way of linking multiple settings, including Shaintar, into a sort of mega-setting.

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      Shaintar was originally released as a unique setting by Sean Patrick Fannon. For various and sundry business reasons, he turned to Savage Mojo to publish it, but it remained a separate setting.
      Between long production times, unreliable release schedules, and some clunky game design, Shaintar wasn't doing awesome. Then SPF scandals broke and he stopped being associated with any projects (as far as I can tell).
      Savage Mojo continues to publish Shaintar, and it was the starting point for their Legends Awaken "living campaign" thing. But It is unclear at this time what is going to happen to Shaintar. Though it looks like Mojo is looking to fold it into their Suzerain umbrella - where Relic is their default Fantasy realm. The setting of their Caladon Falls plot point campaign, as well as much of the PPC in the base Suzerain book.

      Your discord link was quite helpful.

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Originally posted by stadi View Post
    I'm looking for a fantasy setting with adventures / plot point campaigns for Savage Worlds.
    Cool. There are a lot of options, ranging from fantasy-pirates (50 Fathoms) to dark fantasy (Evernight or Accursed) to plane-hopping fantasy (Suzerain) to epic high fantasy (Shaintar) to nordic fantasy (Hellfrost).

    Personally, I found 50 Fathoms to be one of the best gaming experiences I've had. But wizards + cannons + fantasy quest + age of sail is not for everyone.
    I found adventures in the Relic realm of Suzerain to also be pretty good fantasy adventure, but that partially depends upon the group.
    Hellfrost is long-running, with a complex and realistic social structure, and a very loyal fan base. They're clearly doing something correct.

    If you are willing to do something a bit odd, and like saving money, then the Saga of the Goblin Horde is a pretty incredible campaign with a lot (14 by my count) of free one-sheet adventures to pad out the basic campaign.
    Originally posted by stadi View Post
    Shaintar seem to be interesting but I'm a little confused what is needed / where to start. They seem to have a website that is down at the moment, and I did not find too much info.
    Sadly, I'm not the best guy to answer this one, but the usual suspects haven't gotten to you yet, so I'll get started.
    You'll need the savage worlds core rules (naturally).
    You'll also need the Legends Arise book. You'll eventually want the Legends Unleashed book for Heroic and Legendary rank play. Those have all the setting information you need for player characters, NPCs, location overviews, and some core adventures. Note that Shaintar is one of the most mechanically complex and powerful savage settings - it's not super heroes or Rifts, but it's probably the next most powerful after those two.

    Pretty sure that's all you need to play in Shaintar. No Fantasy Companion required.

    You may want to get the many guidebooks for various locations and black lantern reports for various organizations, but those are optional. You'll also find numerous anthologies of adventures at that link.

    Thundering Skies is a campaign set in Shaintar, based upon the threat of The Tempest - magical weather-based badness.

    Shaintar has been folded into the broader Suzerain meta-setting (the default fantasy world for Suzerain is Relic).

    Good luck!
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Thanks for the answers, sorry for the late reply. As I got the Evernight PDF with the SWADE Kickstarter, I'll have a look there.