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[Lankhmar] Shape Change spell, Really Dirty Fighter edge

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  • [Lankhmar] Shape Change spell, Really Dirty Fighter edge


    (note: not my native lange, apologize for mistakes)

    Shape Change: in Lankhmar «Night of Blood and Teeth », Mako the priest hast the spell « Shape change » but i didn’t find it anywhere ?

    Considering how works summon Beast , i have take the same modifier (-3 to -7) with the possible creature size described in the basic rulebook (for a bear or a shark it will be -6 modifier at heroic rank for example) . Also i take a duration of 10mn/rank. Is it (approximativly) correct?

    Really dirty fighter: the attacker make multiple action, a trick and an attack: if the target is shaken by the trick, can a benny be spend to automatically to remove the shaken condition and disallow the drop bonus to the attacker?

    note: there is another version of really dirty fighter where you spend a benny to have the drop. Is it an older version? (in that case you spend the benny after succeding in the trick or you don’t even made a trick manoeuver , just describe it ?)

    thanks for the help