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Fantasy Companion: version wrong within Stick Note?

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  • Fantasy Companion: version wrong within Stick Note?

    Redownloading the PDF from the PEG site, the version in the Sticky Note on p. 1 says the version is 1.0. However, as far as I know, the changes through 1.6 are incorporated.

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    We've changed how we do versioning for PDFs. The number before the decimal (v#.0) refers to the printing, and the number after the decimal (v0.#) is how many updates have happened since the last printing. So the Fantasy Companion got reset to v1.0 since the PDF is in parity with the print book. If we update anything before another printing, it'll go to v1.1. Anything that doesn't go to print will stay at sub v1.0.

    ​We posted about this in the updates to multiple campaigns and in the newsletter.