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Some SPC (SWAG) questions

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  • Some SPC (SWAG) questions

    All of these are questions about RAW/RAI, I understand table ruling and house ruling what we want. Official Answers would be greatly appreciated.
    1) Animal Companion, confirm that as an NPC WC, they gain 2 Bennies.
    2) Aquatic what is the Pace for 1 point of the base power? 1/2 Pace or Full?
    3) Does Big Bang mod of Explode give 6d10 damage with a Raise?
    4) Fear says no foe may be targeted more than once per turn in 2nd paragraph, but 3rd says no foe may be targeted more than once per encounter. Which is correct, or is just for the fear effect not to Test the character? Wording is a little confusing.
    5) Claw and Bite modifiers under Melee Attack are not in alphabetical order.
    6) Isn't there 5 Melee Attacks (Horns not included)
    7) Do Bite, Claw, and Horns Bonus Damage stack with the Bonus Damage from Melee Attack, I dont think so but if so is max damage +5d6 like Special Weapon? This leaves them a bit behinded (1d6) in damage potental if you want to use Bite, Claw, and Horns compared to fists/kicks
    8) Poison's modifiers Strong is before Requires Touch, so not in alphabetical order.
    9) Possession, at the start of the turn the possessed get free action to shake off the effect. Is this before or after any Recovery from Shaken check? I beleive after, but wanted to confirm.
    10) Push - With the Strong modifier and a Raise on the Focus check, are the effected pushed 3d6 inches?
    11) Ranged Attack mentions a Trait is chosen when the power is taken, I take this not to be at an additional cost modifier. Also since it says Trait (below it mentions skill), can an Attribute be taken instead?

    there will probably be more, but here is a good

    Thanks again for great work and products!

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    Happy Gaming