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[50 Fathoms] Really Dirty Fighter

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  • [50 Fathoms] Really Dirty Fighter


    the Really Dirty Fighter edge led to a few questions today. It says:

    The knave is extremely skilled in tactical deceit. By describing the test and spending a Benny, he may automatically get the drop on any single opponent.

    The SWD version used "trick" instead of "test" but is otherwise the same.
    This led to the following questions:
    1. Is it enough to describe the test and spend a Benny or does the character actually have toroll a test to succeed?
      I assume it is the latter.
    2. If you have to roll a test, does the test have to use one of the skills boosted by Dirty Fighter or can it be any skill?
      In SWD you only could do tricks with any attribute, so I assume you can use any skill.
    3. If you have to roll a test, does the test also apply Vulnerable/Distracted or does it only apply The Drop?
    4. If you don't have to roll a test, is it still an action (-> MAP applies)?
      I think if it's not a proper test, it doesn't take up an action.
    Cheers and thanks,