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[Deadlands SWADE] Metal Mage

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  • [Deadlands SWADE] Metal Mage

    Is it possible for Hucksters to take the Metal Mage Edge? Seems to me that if the Edge goes right into the whole Deal with the Devil feature, than those wily Hucksters would have found a way in before long. I know that some of the flavor text for the Thaumaturgial Diffusionists is that they listen to some sort of tech spirits rather than manitou, but that's pretty much tomato/tahmahtoh in my mind.

    So if so, then that means that a Huckster cannot take Mad Science Edges, and can only use the machine parts/ghost rock for Extra Cards for Powers that have Metal Mage effects as the Trappiings? Or is that too complicated?

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    Hucksters cannot take the Metal Mage Edge, as written.