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[50F] Average Crew Skill/Mandatory Crew

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  • [50F] Average Crew Skill/Mandatory Crew


    The 50 Fathoms rules state in the Gear chapter that each ship has a minimum crew requirement and that only crew with at least a d4 in Boating counts. If you have less than that, you take penalties to all Boating rules. So far so good.
    Later, in the Setting Rules chapter it is stated that you get another penalty to your Navigation roll if your crew has an average Boating skill of a d4...but how can this be? A d4 doesn't count as crew anyways!

    House-rules wise it seems easy to say "Yeah, well, you *have* to have at least 50% of crew requirements to get the ship moving halfway reliably at all", but is there any official stance on that?

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    The crew rules in the Gear chapter are about making the crew limits to avoid the penalties listed. You could still sail the ship in question by taking said penalties. The Navigation penalty, being an additional penalty if your crew is that far below average, applies as well. It's a hopefully unlikely scenario, but it can happen. No ruling needed, as it works as written. Of course you're free to house rule as you like. It won't break.