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    Changes for pdf version 6.0 (4th Printing)

    p42 Improved Frenzy: Remove “may” from description.
    p45 Tactician: replace “one allied Extra” with “Extra (or group of Extras sharing an Action Card)”.
    p51 Work the Room: Clarified “The additional die Supports another ally normally and can apply to any Trait chosen. It need not be the same Trait for both allies.“
    p61 Tactician: Summary should say:
    Draw an extra Action Card each turn that may be assigned to any allied Extra (or group of Extras sharing an Action Card) in Command Range.
    p88 Critical Failures: Change “skill die” in the first paragraph to “Trait die.”
    p101 Grappling: Replace the rules for Crush with the following:
    Crush: As an action, a grappler may make a Strength roll as damage against a target he has Entangled or Bound. (This is a damage roll so Scale modifiers are ignored.)
    p103 Multi-Actions: Change the bottom of the section to:
    Free Actions: Multi-Action penalties do not apply to free actions, and free actions never inflict a penalty on other actions.
    p129 Poison: Replace the text for Paralyzing poison with the following:
    Paralyzing: Treat as Stunned. If a Duration is listed, the victim cannot attempt to recover from being Stunned until that amount of time has passed. Otherwise, she may attempt to recover from paralysis on her next turn as usual.
    p158 Deflection: Replace the effect of Deflection (2nd paragraph) with the following:
    With success, foes must subtract 2 from either melee or ranged attacks (caster’s choice). With a raise, the penalty applies to both. An attacker using a ranged weapon in melee against the recipient suffers the penalty either way.
    p165 Protection: Replace the effect of Protection (1st paragraph) with the following:
    Protection creates a field of energy or armor around a character, giving him 2 points of Armor. With a raise, the bonus is applied to Toughness instead.
    p166 Relief: Replace the Relief effect with the following:
    Relief allows the caster to recover from a negative condition or the effects of Fatigue.
    Recover: The caster removes one of the following conditions: Shaken, Distracted, or Vulnerable. A raise on the arcane skill roll removes two conditions. If affecting more than one target (via the Additional Recipients modifier), the caster may choose which condition(s) to remove for each ally.
    Relief can’t remove conditions caused by ongoing effects (Bound or Entangled, Stunned, etc.) unless the source of the effect is removed.
    Numb: Reduces the recipient’s total penalties from Wounds and Fatigue by one with success, or two with a raise. An Exhausted (−2) hero with three Wounds (−3), for example, reduces her total −5 penalty to −4 with success, and −3 with a raise. This effect lasts one hour. It doesn’t actually remove the Wounds or the Fatigue, it just allows the recipient to ignore the penalties. If the target would be Incapacitated by Wounds or Fatigue, she’s still Incapacitated as usual.
    Additional Recipients (+1): The power may affect more than one target for 1 additional Power Point each.
    Stunned (+1): If using the Recover option, the caster may also affect the Stunned condition. This completely removes the effects of being Stunned.
    p179 Size Table: Added the reach bonus to the size table headers.