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  • Range Limitation Clarification

    If a caster has a limitation of Self on a power that typically has a range of Smarts, could they still use that power's Additional Recipients modifier to cast on others in addition to herself? On one hand, Self could just mean yourself, period, end of story. On the other hand, the rules for Limitations could read as affecting default behavior only, still allowing for Additional Recipients. This means a caster could still cast wall walker on another recipient but she'd have to cast it on herself, too, at the cost of 2PP. In the case of the latter, that could be seen as a benefit since she could cast it on two people, including herself, for the default cost of 2PP.

    If a caster sets a limitation of Touch, couldn't she easily just touch herself for the same effect as Self? Why would a player ever choose Self when Touch allows for more targets but with the same benefit?

    Is the intent of the Range Limitation supposed to be that it can be taken twice to reduce a ranged power from Smarts to Touch and then from Touch to Self, reducing the cost by 2PP, or can a caster only take it once, reducing a range of Smarts to Self while reducing the cost only by 1PP?
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    Self is just that. Only the character can benefit from a power with the Self range.

    The Range limitation can only be taken once. That said, a player choose between the Touch and Self Range limitation when the power is taken. So if they're planning to apply a power to additional recipients, Touch is the way to go.

    Hope that helps.