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Does Size Increase Effective Carrying/Encumbrance?

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  • Does Size Increase Effective Carrying/Encumbrance?

    Question as listed in title. I asked in the Savage Rifts answers section as part of a larger question, & this specific part was left unanswered. Dragons, robots, & all that have lots of size variance. This is a "Core" question, so I hope I'm correctly posting here.

    The reasoning behind my specific question is easily demonstrated when one considers the Horse bestiary entry from the SWADE book. Size 2, but only d12 strength(Load Limit 100lbs, Max Encumbrance 400lb). That means it could not carry an average-sized sized teenager without being encumbered. (Granted, SWADE doesn't use the extended carrying tables, but it seemed the best "Core" example.) Is there some form of extra weight a "riding" creature can haul in the form of a rider/tack? Or is it a hand-wave to what seems necessary?

    Am I overthinking it? I appreciate all the work.

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    This is really a common sense situation. Look at Average Travel Times on p. 144 of SWADE. Even though a horse has a Pace of 12 and a human has a Pace of 6, there's a reason horses can only cover an additional 6 miles per eight-hour day. Sure horses can move at those speeds in combat, but try riding them all day like that, and you'd likely kill them. Realistically, I'd say a horse carrying more than 100 pounds might count as encumbered. Horses definitely run faster when they don't have a rider.

    That said, I do think you're over-thinking it. Don't sacrifice fun for accuracy.