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How does the Two-handed rule impact ranged weapons?

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  • How does the Two-handed rule impact ranged weapons?

    The rule reads as such
    Two Hands
    A two-handed weapon can be used with one hand at a −4 penalty. He counts his full Strength for damage but loses all other advantages such as Reach or Parry bonuses.
    but I haven’t seen any ranged weapons with that tag.
    It’s clear that certain weapons require 2 hands normally, the Tommy Gun (SWADE pg 74) for example, but it’s not clear what penalties would apply to wielding it in one hand or even if it’s possible (i’m mostly taking this from some of the artwork for the various Deadlands settings: the cover for “His Brother’s Keeper” and the pg 26 art in DL:WW primarily).
    If ruling at the table, i would say it would apply the -4 and add Snapfire, but i’d like to know what the official ruling is.
    Thanks in advance!

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    The Two Hands entry is meant for melee weapons. This really falls under the "common sense" approach of Savage Worlds: it's a longarm, you need two hands. For any specific modifiers you need for these situations, take a look at the Comprehensive Modifiers sidebar on p. 34.