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Support and Wounds in Mass Battle

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  • Support and Wounds in Mass Battle

    Hi, ran my first mass battle yersterday. We had a blast!

    One of the PCs rolled a crit fail on his support roll and suffered 5 wounds (!). Can these be soaked? We did not do it at the time, but the session was almost over anyway, so it's easy to retcon (the player hasn't rolled for incapacitation yet either). He also had bennies left that he can use.

    I may also have messed up the rules a bit, fortunately it was in the PCs favor. They rolled a lot of raises on some of their Support rolls, so I gave them a roll on the Battle Effects Table for each raise. So one battle roll (made by an NPC) got a +10 eventually - the got a lot of the +2 results. But after having thought about it I should porbably have capped it of at +4 regardless, as per the Support rules?

    But what if one of the sides have double the strenght for instance, this gives +5 to the initial Battle roll, is this not capped at +4? Or could support up to +4 be added to the + from superior strenght and/or tactics and fortifications up to +9 in this case?


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    The bonus for Strength is not capped. Support rolls, however are. For the Wounds, they could have been soaked.