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Successful grapple in subsequent rounds

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  • Successful grapple in subsequent rounds

    I just wanted some clarification on the last question Is "Grappling an Action".

    Is keeping the guy grappled an action, and subsequently impose a –2 penalty to firing the gun?


    So if I successfully grappled an enemy on round 1 and he is entangled or bound. On the next round, I have to use my action to keep the grappling move or else I release him? So it is like an automatic successful action without needing to roll anything? And I can continue to do this for every round until they are able to break free. I can also take an additional action in each round at -2? Is this correct?

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    Unless you release the grapple, it's an action, but you don't have to roll. Keep in mind any additional actions you take have to make sense, based on the way you have the opponent grappled. This can only be answered on a case by case basis at your game table.