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  • Obstacle rule

    Can someone clarify the obstacle section in the SWADE rules for me? It says: "Sometimes characters have sufficient power to attack their foes through obstacles. (See Breaking Things to actually destroy intervening obstacles.) If a missed attack would have been successful without the Cover modifier and the GM thinks the target is likely to be hit, the obstacle acts as Armor. If the obstacle is a person or creature, subtract its Toughness from the attack. Use the table below as a guide for other materials."

    So does that mean that if a persons parry is 5 and they are standing behind a wood barrel that gives medium cover of -4. And the attacker rolls a 8. Normally the 8 would hit the parry of 5 but since it is 8-4=4, it misses. But based on the obstacle rule it would have hit. So it hits... so now you roll damage and now the wood barrel acts as armor and adds to toughness? But then what value do you use? And what is the cover bonus table for?


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    The cover bonus is added to your Toughness. So if I have Toughness 9 (4) and I'm hit through a car door (+4), the damage is versus Toughness 13.