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Clarification on Limitation Errata

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  • Clarification on Limitation Errata

    So the new errata dropped and there's a change to how Limitations work: either the power gets a discount on PP or a bonus to cast.

    However, it says "the player must choose before rolling." That seems weird to me—isn't the point of the Limitations supposed to be that they limit the use of the power at all times? Should the "benefit" of a Limitation be chosen when the Limitation itself is chosen? Or can you swap between the "bonus to cast" and "PP discount" on the fly?

    (On a similar note, "adds +1 to the final total" might read better as "adds +1 to the casting roll," to clarify what exactly you're adding +1 to.)
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    The corrected wording is as follows:
    Each limitation placed upon the power reduces its total Power Point cost by one. If this would reduce the cost to 0, you gain a +1 bonus (maximum) to the arcane skill total instead.


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      Bumping this because the answer has been updated.