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Environmental Protection Spell "Environments"

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  • Environmental Protection Spell "Environments"

    This is both a core and a Savage Rifts question.

    The text for Environmental Protection says:
    Environmental protection allows the target to breathe, speak, and move at his normal Pace in an otherwise fatal environment. It protects him against intense heat, cold, radiation, atmospheric or fluid pressure, and lack of oxygen. Generally, the adventurer can function normally underwater, in space, within the cone of a volcano, etc.
    Which seems to mean all conditions are protected against at once.

    But it also says,
    Environmental protection reduces damage from like sources by 4 (6 with a raise). If protecting against intense heat, for example, it protects against a flamethrower or bolt with a fire Trapping.
    and SR:TLPG for the mega version of the spell says:
    LIFE SUPPORT (+1): The power protects against an additional negative environmental effect per additional Power Point spent.

    Does one casting of this spell include all conditions at the same time or just one at a time? If it is one condition at a time, how does the base spell work in space? Is the condition "space" and not "lack of oxygen, air pressure, extreme cold, and radiation (heat or otherwise)." Or "Deep Underwater", instead of "lack of oxygen, extreme pressure, and extreme cold."


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    It's technically one at a time. But whichever environment you're in, you can breathe. So... molten lava? You won't burn AND you can breathe.