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Multiple Arcane Background Power Edge Follow up

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  • Multiple Arcane Background Power Edge Follow up

    As a follow up to this post:
    Refering again to page 149.

    1) Would this allow an edge to work with Arcane Powers from other arcane type normally not allowed. For exmple is a character has Arcane Background (Magic) and Arcane Background (Psionics), and take the Wizard edge (normal Magic only). Is she able to use Wizard for her Arcane Background (Psionic) powers?

    2) If a character has two arcane backgrounds (say Magic and Psionics) and takes the Power Points edge for Arcane Background (Magic) at novice. Can the character then take Power Points again at novice for Arcane Background (Psionics)?

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    1) No. If an Edge works with specific AB's, this is not a back door to bypass that.
    2) That's a GM/Table call. The Edge itself is once per rank. That said, I'd allow it as a GM.