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    1: While vehicles have a Crew listing, there's no declared effect of having an insufficient crew, at least as far as I've been able to find. Is there a penalty for operating an M-2 Bradley with only one or two people? Is there a point where an insufficient crew can't operate a vehicle at all? (IIRC, in SWD, it was stated that a low crew was at -2 to operate, and being less than half-crew meant you were unable to operate it at all, but the new rules lack any such language.)

    2: Is there any distinction between Crew and Passengers, other than the above question? That is, can Passengers do anything that Crew can do, and vice-versa, on their turns? (Such as firing weapons, giving Support rolls to the driver, and so on.)

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    1. This is a GM/Table call, as it falls under the general "use common sense" recommendation for these types of situations. Really it depends on what the crew are meant to be doing.
    2. Crew run the ship. Passengers are there for the ride. Of course a passenger can be "promoted" to crew if it's necessary.