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Trademark Weapon and Improvised Weapons

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  • Trademark Weapon and Improvised Weapons


    In this thread PEGClint answered (emphasis mine):

    Heck, a character could apply Trademark Weapon to a specific improvised weapon if they wanted. In fact, they do if they were to choose a specific ranged weapon like a pistol. They would get the +1 to Fighting if using it to attack as an Improvised Weapon.
    Presumably they'd still get the normal +1 Shooting as well, correct? Does this also mean if a character took TW with a sword, they'd get +1 Athletics (throwing) with it?

    What if the sword also had (and bear with me) a magically imbued bolt power usable once-per-day with Shooting... would the +1 apply there as well?

    Thank you for your time and patience.

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    Yes to all the above, but remember if the sword you're throwing was not designed for it, you'd suffer the Improvised Weapon penalty.