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SWADE “Readying” Weapons

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  • SWADE “Readying” Weapons

    A player is proposing the following scenario.

    “Time for my big question. Can I start a turn with a pistol in hand, shoot someone, switch to my sword, then hit some with my sword, all at -2?

    To clarify:
    Turn begins
    Shooting -2
    Holster gun
    Draw sword
    Move 6 spaces
    Fighting -2
    Turn ends”

    And this scenario...

    “Can I enter a room with an axe already in each hand. Throw them both (I’m ambidextrous,two fisted and two gun kid) THEN ready two more axes as a free action and throw one more all at -2.

    I think he is asking if having a weapon already out counts as readying it?

    Im not sure how this is meant to be interpreted.

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    Having a weapon already out does not count as readying. So both those scenarios work as written.