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    I have some questions about the Puppet power.

    1) Since the duration is 5 rounds, can the caster change the command round to round?
    1a) If the answer is No, then I assume the caster can cast Puppet again to give a new command. Does this replace the old command, or do the two instances of Puppet "stack" and the victim must try and obey both commands?

    1b) If the answer is Yes, is changing the command an Action or a Free Action?

    1c) If the answer is Yes, and the caster had succeeded vs.multiple targets using the Additional Recipients modifier, can the caster change the command given to one target while keeping the original command in place for the other target(s)? Or must all targets of a specific casting of Puppet be subject to the same command?
    2) The automatic "break out" roll only applies to commands to directly harm oneself or those one cares about, correct? If given a lesser command there is no break out roll and the victim must obey until the power ends.

    3) If the caster gives an initial command requiring a raise, like "Shoot your friend", and then succeeds but does not get a raise on the arcane skill vs. Spirit opposed roll, what happens? Is it the same as failing on the opposed roll? Or is the target still Puppetted but can ignore that command? (I guess this distinction only matters if the answer to question 1 is "Yes the caster can change commands round to round". This would allow him to give the target a lesser command not requiring a Raise on the next round).


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    1) Yes
    1b) Free Action–it's just talking, so...
    1c) Yes

    2) Correct

    3) Once the Raise is achieved, the follow-up rolls are just opposed. No raise needed.

    Hope that makes sense.