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General rule of thumb for reattempting a roll

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  • General rule of thumb for reattempting a roll


    I have some questions about a PC who wants to reattempt a failed Skill roll for the next round (or more), like Lockpicking, Notice (for finding a clue in a room), Investigation (searching for the right book in a library), Healing... Is there some general rule of thumb, or is it case-by-case basis (like Healing for example) ? What is the design intent ?

    Does the player need a Raise ? The time for the task is longer with the next try ? No second attempt ? Same roll ?
    I know it sounds like a newbie question but from a probabilistic point of view, it's very dramatic.

    Thanks in advance for answers and insights

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    There's no hard and fast rule for this. The design intent in these circumstances is for the GM to apply common sense and rule based on the in-game situation. I'd recommend using the guidelines laid out on p. 87 under Trait Rolls, specifically in the Modifiers section.

    This would be a great topic for a General Chat discussion. I'm sure many GMs would share their experience on this over there.