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Disarming via limb damage

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  • Disarming via limb damage

    Not exactly a rules question... but not exactly not a rules question either, hopefully I'm posting in the right place.

    Disarm on page 100 says
    "The attacker must first hit the object or the opponent’s limb or hand (see Called Shots on page 99)."
    but page 99 says
    Called Shots
    "LIMBS (-2): Hitting a limb has no additional special effect since it’s already accounted for by Wound and Pace penalties (see Wounds, page 95)."
    Only the Hands entry mentions Disarm attempts
    "HAND (-4): Target may be Disarmed, see page 100."
    So does a called shot at a limb do anything or not? Is it page 99 that has omitted text on disarm attempts for brevity, or is it that page 100 has incorrect extra text on hitting limbs?

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    Specific cases take precedence over general rules. "Limbs" covers both arms and legs, where a hand is always a hand and subject to possible Disarm. So this text on p. 100 is correct:

    If the attack is against the wielder and Shakes or Wounds him, the defender must make a Strength roll at −2 if it hit his limb, or −4 if it hit his hand, plus any Wound penalties that result as usual. Failure means he drops whatever item is in that hand.