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Protection Power Armor and Toughness

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  • Protection Power Armor and Toughness

    If a character decides to cast the higher cost Protection so it grants toughness, would it stack with the lower cost Armor version? As in could it give someone a + 2 to 6 bonus to both armor and toughness, provided it's casted twice.

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    Protection with the Toughness modifier simply changes the Armor points earned with the power to Toughness. If you succeed on your arcane skill roll, that's +2 to Toughness, +4 with a Raise. If you'd casted it with both the More Armor and the Toughness modifiers, that would be +4 and +6, respectively. There's no stacking with a previous casting because Armor doesn't stack, typically, but if you were wearing armor, it would apply to your new Toughness score.