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Speed power and Flight

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  • Speed power and Flight

    This popped up in a Rifts game, but it is a core rules question.

    Does Speed (second half of Sloth/Speed) affect the natural/magical Flight pace of a target?

    Example if an automaton has flight 6" (from magical enchantments, or a jet pack) and is the target of Speed with Quickness modifier, will only his running speed be increased, or would his flight speed likewise be affected?

    Success with speed doubles the target’s movement (basic Pace and running). With a raise the character also ignores the −2 running penalty.
    I am inclined to say both because of the words 'movement' a general mechanic, but then it refers to basic Pace which is also a specific mechanic. So I am unsure.

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    This is specific to ground movement, so basic Pace and running.