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  • Gadgeteer

    So do I geht Gatgeteer right?
    I pay 3 PP to create the item and make the Weird Science roll -2.
    Now I use my own PP to activate the item. I don't need a roll now I take the one before when I need it f.e. for resistance.
    When the Power has a duration I can't prolonge it.

    So I create a Boost Shooting Item. I pay 3 PP. Roll with -2 and get a 5. Now I can use the item, pay 2 PP for activision and get the benefit of the Boot Shooting for 5 rounds.

    Are my 3 PP for creating locked as long as the item is ready?
    How long can i wait till I activate the item?
    Can I give it to other persons (f.e. a potion) and do they just drink it and I pay the PP to activate?

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    Not exactly. Let me use your example item to help explain.

    A weird scientist grabs some nearby junk and creates an item, we'll call it the Aiminator, to Boost another character's Shooting. The hero spends his whole Turn and rolls Weird Science at –2, getting a 7 on the dice for a total of 5, then deducts 2 PP (the cost of the power). His teammate now has an Aiminator, which will increase his teammate's Shooting for the 5 rounds. This starts immediately, and there is no "ready."

    The Power Point spend is only for the cost of the power being used with the Gadgeteer Edge. You don't pay 3 and then pay for the Power as well. There's also no activation roll outside of creating the gadget.