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Soldier Edge & Melee Weapons

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  • Soldier Edge & Melee Weapons

    A character with the Soldier Edge is considered as having a strength for one step higher for minimum requirements for armor, weapons and any sort of melee weapon bonuses. How does that work for melee weapon damage? As in if a character with this edge normally had a strength of d6, picked up a lance would he be doing 2d8 points of damage, or 1d6+1d8, but have an increased reach plus armor piercing on a charging steed?

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    In this case the damage would be Strength + 1d8 or, for this character, 1d6 + 1d8. The Soldier Edge makes it so the weapon damage is not reduced (the +1d8 part), but it doesn't add a die type to the actual Strength portion of the damage.