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  • Telemechanics

    I don't see any mechanical reason this should be based on mind link. Rather than turning all psi-operators into telepaths, couldn't this be based on the more thematic object reading?

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    I think Mind link is perfect for it. The trapping is mind linking to machine intelligence, so unless it is a machine they can not mind link to it.
    Thats what I think anyway.


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      In Savage Rifts 1.0 the object reading power didn't exist so they linked to telepathy. In SWADE object reading was added as a power and telepathy became mind link. My guess is that they used mind link at least partly due to continuity. I do think it makes more sense. Telemechanics is something of a 2 way interface while object reading is strictly one way where you're gleaning information from an object.

      Edit: Having said that I would not see a problem if a GM wanted to switch it to object reading as a house rule. If you are a player I'd say pitch the classic Rifts background and see if he'll house rule it.
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