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New powers and powers not on your AB list

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  • New powers and powers not on your AB list

    I could have sworn there was a rule somewhere in the either The Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide or Savage Worlds Adventurer's Edition that said instead of taking 2 powers from your list that you could take one not on your list.
    Am I hallucinating?

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    Hey MarkusSuper7 thanks for the question.

    You aren't completely hallucinating, I think you might be recalling the language on some of the Hero's Journey Tables like #7-9 on the Magic & Mysticism table or #8-11 that provide similar options.

    Other than specifically worded rules like that, there is no general rule for trading powers for those not on a list, so don't do it!
    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds