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    i know, this topic has been asked before.....but i am still not sure, if i am getting it right. Hopefully you can help me.
    Let us take a standard full conversion cyborg with a Vigor of D12 and all the standard cyberware and equipment from the Tomorrow Legions PG.

    Please tell me, if i am correct with this.....

    Vigor D12 : 2 = 6 + 2 = Toughness 8 + 1 for Size 1 (heavy) = Toughness 9 + 3 for "harder than steel" = Toughness 12

    Harder than Steel gives him +6 MDC Armor So thits would be Toughness 18 (Armor 6) correct?

    Now he is wearing the LI-B1 Light Infantry Plate Cyborg Body Armor. In the book this armor has "Armor +3" "Toughness +3"..... Does this finally mean:

    Toughness 24 (Arnor 9) for the cyborg? Or am i getting it still wrong and it's Toughness 21 (Armor 9) ?

    Sorry for the noob question.