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Robot (and power armor) handheld weapons and STS

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  • Robot (and power armor) handheld weapons and STS

    In this thread:
    you wrote: 'Yeah as of writing this, the only exception I could think of [to an STS applying with handheld weapons] is if a Robot Vehicle picked up a suitably giant-sized ranged weapon that wasn't tied into it's STS (a long, complicated, and expensive process).'

    So as far as game mechanics are concerned, what is the 'long, complicated, and expensive' process? Does someone need to make repair rolls? Science rolls? What's the expense? (I had always figured this was trivial but not something you could do in the middle of a fight)

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    Hey Scottbert that is a great question. The check (or checks) would be a Repair roll with the "Electronics" caveat (Savage Worlds page 34).

    Time: Per the Vehicle Mods table on page 107 of the TLPG, this should take at least a few hours.

    Expense: This really depends on the situation, e.g. did you salvage the weapon or buy it straight from a Northern Gun supplier? As part of the "Comprehensive Modifiers" design philosophy for SWADE (see page 34 as well), the details really are up to the GM. If the item is new it probably includes any necessary connecting parts, etc as part of its price. If it is salvaged then the GM should go with whatever fits the tone and reality level of the campaign
    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds