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Some Robot Vehicle Questions

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  • Some Robot Vehicle Questions

    Hi there!
    1. In the TLPG, p. 110, is the table there strictly for Robot Vehicles? It's only referenced in the Robot Vehicle section, but the table header lacks "Robot" in the title.
    2. Result 3 on the aforementioned table refers to Handling. None of the Robot Vehicles have Handling. Is it 0 by default?
    3. If Robot Vehicles use Handling, then is it correct to assume that as per p. 117 of SWADE, that Handling is reduced by 1 for every Wound received (to a maximum of -4)?
    4. Robot Vehicles can not be Shaken; so does anything happen is Damage exceeds Toughness, but does not get a Raise? Does the Pilot have to make a Piloting check to see if he falls?
    5. All Power Armor have an STS (Sensor Targeting System), but only the Titan TR-001 Robot Vehicle has an STS (in TLPG)? Is there any indication what sort of sensors the other vehicles have if they lack an STS?

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    Hi Adrian Gideon welcome to the forums!

    1. The table is for use with all Rifts vehicles
    2. Correct, Robot Vehicles are +0 Handling by default. I'll clarify this in errata.
    3. Correct, so a Robot Vehicle can get unwieldy pretty fast if you take an Engine Critical Hit!
    4. Correct. We noted that poorly in Falling on page 109 of the TLPG. Per Savage Worlds p117 you check Piloting if damage meets or exceeds Toughness, not only with Wounds.
    5. Per the bottom of TLPG p109, all Robot Vehicles have an STS. The one on the Titan is just easy to attack and disable (similar to the one on the Enforcer, SFNA p 12).

    Good call on all of your questions, you are quite welcome
    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds