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  • Amphibious vehicle modification

    So I see the definition of amphibious in the core SWADE rule book but I can't find anywhere how much it would cost. It's also not listed as one of the vehicle mods on pg 107 of the Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide. I also checked the Savage Worlds Vehicle to no avail. I would think that in a setting like Rifts the ability to make a vehicle amphibious or at least semi amphibious (e.g. fording kits) would be a popular modification. Is there anyway you could tell us the costs and mod size of making a vehicle amphibious? Thanks!

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    Hey Radecliffe thanks for the question

    I agree that amphibious vehicles and custom vehicle modding is super appropriate for Rifts! Since this subject is near and dear to me, I hope you don't mind me editorializing a bit.

    Just to be clear the SW Vehicle Guide isn't a points-based vehicle building tool (it simply doesn't have mods), it is a conversion and reference guide. I'm a bit biased since I wrote it, but if you want a general guide for converting pre-Rifts vehicles from any era (or even sci/fantasy vehicles) without a build point system—instead you insert "real-world" top speeds, crew, weapons, etc—I think Rifts GMs can get a ton of mileage out of it with minimal fuss.

    The TLPG originally didn't have vehicle Mods, and I was able to squeeze a basic vehicle mod chart into the second edition TLPG but it again was never intended to provide a full suite of modding options. I still hope it's helpful, but yeah it's mostly there to tide people over until the new Science Fiction Companion hits (SFC).

    Regarding the Amphibious mod (or any other vehicle mods), until the new Companion books are out I generally suggest using the Deluxe SFC's values. For Amphibious that is: 1 Mod slot costing $1K×Size (don't forget to multiply SFC dollars by 10 to get Rifts credits costs).

    Now here's your other option (consider this playtest content). If anyone tries it out, please post your thoughts in the Feedback forum for community discussion and our eventual review (I like to let community discussion have a chance to "percolate" a bit before I get involved):

    Amphibious (2): While in water the vehicle is Handling –2 and has a base Top Speed of 10 MPH. If taken twice, in water it's Handling –1 and has a base Top Speed of 30 MPH. Mods: Quarter Size Cost: $1K × Size
    For example, this means that you could make a Mountaineer Mk II (Size 7) Amphibious for the cost of 2 Mod slots and 140,000 credits. Is that an expensive custom refit? Yes. Is it worth it on Rifts Earth?? In my opinion, absolutely. If you took the mod a second time you'd basically turn your Mountaineer into a giant armored boat fit for sea cruising...

    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Editor, Rifts® for Savage Worlds
    Creative Director, Palladium Books