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Does a racial flying speed count as a base pace?

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  • Does a racial flying speed count as a base pace?

    I've been looking over the books at how flight speed from the positive racial abilities list is handled, and it just says that they can fly at a specific pace. My main question is how this is intended to interact with things that affect their pace, like the Fleet-Footed edge and the speed multipliers from being a Crazy or Juicer. Can a DB with wings juice them selves up to fly faster, or do those bonuses only increase their ground speed leaving their winged movement at the original value?

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    The Flight Positive Racial Ability is not affected by any Edge or Power that simply mentions Pace. The reference to "run" in the Ability is quoted in an attempt to make the rule more clear. Sorry for the confusion on that.

    Sean can pop in on this if there's anything specific to Rifts® for Savage Worlds that differs from this, but my understanding is that's not the case.


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      PEGRon has the bases covered. This is essentially a core rules question so I appreciate him chiming in
      Sean Owen Roberson
      Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds