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With Which Powers Does Arcane Marksman Work?

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  • With Which Powers Does Arcane Marksman Work?

    As the topic says, which powers work with Arcane Marksman? Bolt, certainly, and likely blast and burst. What of other damage dealing powers, like smite and damage field? They have durations longer than "instant," so they may not be similar enough to bolt. And what of other physical attack powers like havoc or telekinesis that can do power as a secondary function (throwing a bad guy into a wall or throwing a knife with telekinesis at said bad guy)?

    And if it does apply to smite, does that mean a ranged weapon affected by smite gets the Arcane Marksman bonus?


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    Hi Café Truck,

    The short answer is only when the Arcane skill roll is made "to hit" a target with a damage-dealing effect.

    This eliminates damage field, since it doesn't immediately deal damage but instead activates an effect which will deal damage later (very soon, but later). This also eliminates powers like havoc and smite since any damage dealt is an aftereffect of the power being activated, not its primary effect.

    If powers like telekinesis or elemental manipulation are used to directly attack an opponent with a damage-dealing effect, then Arcane Marksman could come into effect.

    All of that said, this is up to individual Game Masters to adjudicate depending on the circumstances.
    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds