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Iconic Framework and Race having similar edges?

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  • Iconic Framework and Race having similar edges?

    Sometimes PCs end up having a race and IF that have the same edge. Do you let them have another similar edge to take the place of one? Just looking at how Psionic races and IFs synergize with increased number of powers and thinking the idea should be to give another edge.

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    Hey Hellfire6A , thanks for the good question and thanks for all of your participation during the playtest!

    This shouldn't happen very often, but it can. Rules As Written, the standard Savage Worlds answer is "no". That said—just like my answer about when a Race and Iconic Framework provide an overlapping Skill—I encourage GM's to work with a player to choose another related Edge for the character.
    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds