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  • Royal Frilled Dragon Starting Powers

    I have a question about the Royal Frilled Dragon starting Powers. Most of the Iconic Frameworks have a clause that states, 'Rank Permitting', with regard to initial Power choice. I think Leyline Walker is the only one that I've seen that doesn't have this clause. The Royal Frilled Dragon's Framework states that it chooses 3 magic Powers (not psionics) from the Leyline Walker spell list. The 'Rank Permitting' clause is not present. Are Royal Frilled Dragons restricted to picking Novice Magic Powers at character generation? Thanks!

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    kynit the "Rank Permitting" is just a reminder of the core Savage Worlds rules governing the Rank required to choose new powers—the normal restriction is there whether or not the phrase is present in an Iconic Framework's listing.

    Ley Line Walkers are an exception to the normal rule because their Arcane Academic ability allows them to choose new powers up to one Rank higher than normally allowed.

    Unless an Iconic Framework has a similar exception, it does not ignore the basic rules governing choosing powers. The Royal Frilled Dragon and other Frameworks must meet Rank requirements as normal regardless of what power list they are choosing from.

    Important Exception: the Born a Hero setting rule allows characters to choose powers of any Rank from their lists during character creation.
    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds