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Grenades and Availability

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  • Grenades and Availability

    Under Personal Ranged Weapons on page 101 in the Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide, the Grenades table lists “Availability: Grenade availability is determined by type; a successful purchase nets 1d4+2 grenades.”

    Suppose you are looking for Armor Piercing Grenades, and you find them at a good deal and pay 700. Do you get one armor piercing grenade for 700, but there are 1d4+2 available to buy? Or do you get 1d4+2 armor piercing grenades each time you pay the cost?

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    If you succeed in your Networking check to find the item—as usual modified by item Rarity and local Availability modifiers—there are 1d4+2 grenades available, but you still have to pay the listed credits for each grenade.
    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds