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  • Elemental Fusionists/Gifted and Enchanted Items

    This is a bit of a follow up on your answer to my questions about Embedded Item Powers.

    To what degree are Gifted/Elemental Fusionists unable to manipulate enchanted items?

    Originally posted by PEGRoberson
    Elemental Fusionists have Arcane Background (Gifted) and use Power Points, not PPE, to power their abilities. They can't channel PPE, use TW Gear, or arcanely manipulate most magic items (which run on PPE in Rifts). Please see page 11 of Arcana & Mysticism (which contains reminder text) and page 120 of the second edition Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide where this is covered in more detail.
    In Arcana & Mysticism on page 13, under the Elemental Fusionist Abilities and Bonuses, Arcane Background (Gifted) states that Elemental Fusionists can’t use Techno-Wizard gear. The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide write-up for the Gifted arcane background on page 122 corroborates this. However, I have assumed that their inability to operate Techno-Wizard items didn’t affect their ability to wield enchanted items, weapons or armor.

    Minor Item Creation under Power Edges in Arcana and Mysticism on page 32 states that “Minor items do not require the wielder to be able to channel PPE or ISP, but can only have two Minor Upgrade abilities.“

    Major Item Creation under Power Edges in Arcana and Mysticism on page 32 states that “The imbued Edges and powers of Major Items do require Power Points to function, which is why crafters must build PPE storage into any items they want people without PPE or ISP to wield.”

    So, can Gifted/Elemental Fusionist characters benefit from wielding enchanted weapons and items or wearing enchanted armor at all? Or is it only the embedded powers that Elemental Fusionists/Gifted characters cannot manipulate? If it’s the latter, does embedding PPE into the item allow for full manipulation?

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    Koshnek thanks for the great follow-up question. For non-TW Gear, like self-powered enchanted gear created by the Minor or Major Item Creation Edges, Elemental Fusionists can use them just as any character can. These kinds of items operate their embedded powers off of their internal pool of power points, and any wielder can use these items and activate their embedded powers until the internal PPE storage runs out.

    In Rifts, some magic items are a hybrid of TW and the kind of arcane items built with the Item Creation Edges; anyone can wield them, but activating some of their advanced features requires the wielder to be able to channel either PPE or ISP. Characters, like Elemental Fusionists, with non-PPE/ISP Arcane Backgrounds cannot channel their Power Points into such items.

    For example, an Elemental Fusionist with a Battle Fury Blade (TLPG p98) and a Major Item imbued with embedded powers and PPE storage could wield both. However, while he could activate the Major Item's powers freely using its embedded PPE, he could wield the Battle Fury Blade in combat but could not pump 6 of his personal Power Points into the weapon to activate its listed extra bonuses.
    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds