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  • Multi-Optics

    In Empires it states that the Coalition Cyborg Strike Trooper has a multi-optics helmet. It also list the optics package as a cybernetic. Both of these items add +2 to sight based notice rolls. Do these bonuses stack for a +4 to notice?

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    Great question!

    Overlapping Bonuses

    As with most overlapping bonuses, you would take the higher of the two (not add them together). In this case, where the CS Cyborg Strike Trooper has two similar tech-based bonuses to sight-based Notice checks they do not stack for a +4 to relevant checks.

    Similarly, the Multi-Optics Helmet's +1 Shooting with calibrated weapons doesn't stack with Targeting Eye's +2 Shooting bonus with calibrated weapons—the Strike Trooper uses the higher of the two similar bonuses.

    If this seems counter-intuitive, it might help to think of Cybernetics as embedded devices. It's like trying to use two scopes on one gun at the same time.

    So What Is the Point?

    Well, for one the Strike Trooper entry is a general one that covers the general heavily armed CS cyborg. However, in "reality" most CS cyborgs vary greatly in exact cybernetic systems and run the gamut from Partial Conversion Cyborgs to Full Conversion. Partial Conversion Borgs aren't cookie-cutter—what gets replaced with cyberware is often determined by battlefield injuries. In addition, cyborgs can be damaged and injured in the field, and in such cases a backup visual enhancement system is helpful. In these cases, the CA-6C's Multi-Optics capabilities retain a lot of utility.

    Ultimately, the armor is designed to be compatible with the wearer's Cyberware (usually by interfacing through the common Core Electronics Package). This means that the soldier retains the full MDC protection of the CA-6C (including its helmet's Toughness vs Called Shots to the head or eyes, for instance) while retaining his full Cyberware bonuses.
    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds