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  • PPE Battery Follow Up

    As a follow up to this question: by @Café Truck

    Can a Major Item be created with both a PPE store that can both be drawn on for internal powers and for powers stored in the device?

    Example: Joe the Techno Wizard creates a major item and includes the following. Normally Joe wants to use his Power Staff for just accessing the juice in it. But occasionally he likes to connect the terminals and the staff lights up, crackling with energy?

    Power Staff (looks like staff in hands of TW on page 50 of TLPG)
    Major Upgrades: smite, and +10 PPE Battery
    Minor Upgrades: +5 PPE Battery, +5 PPE Battery

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    Hah, you asked a follow-up before the original question had been answered.

    Rules as written, if the item has an embedded power the upgraded PPE capacity should only be used to "charge the device and activate embedded powers."

    A device without any other purpose other than PPE storage is essentially an exception to that rule.
    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds