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Bulldog's Double-Barreled Main Gun

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  • Bulldog's Double-Barreled Main Gun

    The Bulldog's main gun reads " Main Gun (Top Turret, fires as a Light Laser or Light Ion Cannon, Double Barrels. The gunner is a –6 Called Shot with no ECC benefits)."
    Double Barrels, as best as I can tell, refers to the rule on SWADE p105 that lets you fire both barrels of a shotgun for +4 damage. Since energy weapons run off the vehicle's reactor rather than shells that have to be reloaded, it seems like this is just +4 damage, all the time. Is this the intent?

    If so, does the +4 damage apply only in Ion Cannon mode or also in Laser mode?

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    The +4 damage applies in either mode as long as the target is within range of both weapons.
    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds