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Psionics, PA and Powers with the Self Range Limitation

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  • Psionics, PA and Powers with the Self Range Limitation

    Are psionic powers with the Range (Self) Limitation treated any differently when activated from inside Power Armor than powers that affect others? If my Psi-Ghost Glitter Boy Pilot were to cast detect arcana from inside her suit, for example, does she suffer the same penalty as if she were attempting to fling a psionic bolt at someone? Or is the penalty lessened (or ignored entirely) because it’s a power that affects only her (and doesn’t need to travel “through” the armor)?

    The Psi-Ghost example above is of particular interest because the presence sense modifier on detect arcana allows you to see through obstacles, which adds a neat wrinkle.


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    Great question Café Truck. The short answer is that activating a Psionics or Gifted power while wearing Power Armor is subject to the penalty listed on page 93 of the 2E TLPG under Arcane Backgrounds. This is true whether or not the activated power's target is Self or the power has the Range (Self) Limitation (as many Psionic powers do).

    If you like, think of it as being canned up inside the suit stifles the hero's ability to channel their uncanny powers.
    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds