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  • Best way to do regeneration

    One of the players in our gaming group will be playing a MARS Barbarian with a mutation that gives him regeneration. What is the best way to accomplish this? Should I use the regeneration ability from the Supers Companion or should I use Arcane [Gifted] with the Healing Power (self only). The first option models the type of regeneration he wants (roll 1/hr, regrow limbs) but the second way seems more compatible with the way Rifts handles powers. Is there an official way to use the powers from Supers in Savage Rifts?

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    Hey, Scarbrow thanks for the question. This is actually a few different questions so I will respond by topic:
    #1 The Super Powers Companion: The SWADE edition of Savage Rifts is not intended to support or interact with the Deluxe edition Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion. At the same time, when we "SWADed" Savage Rifts the SWADE Super Powers Companion was (and is currently) just a glimmer in Shane's eye. In other words, its not part of the plan so use it at your own peril. I currently advise against it, especially since there are other ways to skin this particular cat.

    #2: AB Gifted powers: This is I think the best way to go, especially if you want the hero to gain a version of the ability vastly superior to the Regeneration on page 19 of SWADE under Making Races. However, per page 120 of the TLPG there is one hangup "Arcane Background (Gifted) may only be taken at character creation. It is only available to character frameworks which specifically list it."

    #3: Building Mutants: The way around this conundrum is to follow the guidelines I wrote up on page 116 of Blood & Banes in the "Building Mutants" sidebar. This would let your player build his MARS Barbarian within some nice guidelines—specifically that the character gains AB Gifted as a Positive Racial Ability while building essentially a one-off custom Race.

    Hope this helps. Cheers!

    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds